HEA@UQ Expression of Interest Form

Please note that there is no closing date for HEA@UQ Expressions of Interest. Up to 100 program participants will be accepted per Semester. Should you submit an expression after the maximum numbers have been reached, your expression of interest will be held for inclusion in the subsequent semester.

If you have any questions, please email professional.learning@uq.edu.au for guidance.

Applicant Details

*Appointment Type
e.g. Level B/ HEW 8/ PhD Student

*Fellowship Category

Please indicate which category of HEA Fellowship you wish to apply for. Use the HEA@UQ Self-Assessment Tools or the AdvanceHE Fellowship Decision Tool to help you decide which category is the most suitable for you. 


  • Up to five (5) Principal Fellow (PF) applicants will be supported by an external mentor each year and will submit their portfolio directly to the HEA for assessment. Please contact professional.learning@uq.edu.au if you are interested in Principal Fellowship, these applications are managed in a separate process.
  • If you are a PhD Candidate, with no other academic or professional appointment, but sufficient teaching experience, you may apply for Associate Fellowship only.