Thank you for your interest in our research which is to understand the risk factors associated with development and persistence of neck pain among sonographers.

We are seeking sonographers with and without neck pain to be volunteers in our project. Sonographers working within Australia and New Zealand are invited to participate in an online survey.
Sonographers working within Brisbane or surrounding regions are also invited to also participate in a single laboratory session (around 2.5 hours) at The University of Queensland. You can participate in both or just the survey.

(1)  You will be asked to answer a few questions (1 minute) to confirm if you are eligible to participate in the study.
(2)  If eligible, you will be directed to an online survey (15-20 minutes).
(3)  If eligible for the laboratory session, you will be contacted by our research staff to schedule this session, which will include tests of your muscle stiffness (measured by ultrasound), sensation (e.g. for cold, pressure), and physical tests (e.g. strength).
(4) All participants will be asked to complete additional online surveys (5 minutes) at 6 and 12 months.

(1) This research will help advance our understanding of why sonographers commonly develop neck or upper limb pain and identify optimal strategies to address this problem.
(2) All participants will receive a brochure of tips to prevent musculoskeletal problems.
(3) Participants who finish the online survey including follow up surveys are eligible to earn 1 CPD point accredited by ASAR.
(4) Participants who attend the laboratory testing, will
    1) receive results of these tests and have an opportunity to discuss any concerns with a qualified physiotherapist;
    2) earn an extra 3 CPD points;
receive reimbursement of parking costs.

For more information, please see this Participant Information Sheet.pdf 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the primary investigator Yanfei Xie: (mobile: 0466002590)
Please answer the following 2 questions to confirm your eligibility for this study.
*In a typical work week, do you perform sonography for a minimum of 4 hours/week? (A typical work week means a week that you do your regular job without sick or recreational leave)