Register your research with the Faculty of Medicine

Thank you for providing details of the research you are involved in during your medical program on an extracurricular (casual/voluntary) basis. Registering your extracurricular research will allow the Faculty of Medicine to acknowledge your research achievements. This recognition will be documented and will certainly enhance your CV as well as your clinical career.

Save this link and use this form as often as necessary to add any research work or collaborations.

*Year of MD graduation:
*Please provide your year in the medical program:
*What is your enrolment category?
In addition to doing volunteer/casual research, are you also involved in any of the following academic or research programs alongside your medical degree?
*How did you find this research?
*Please provide the title of the project you are working on or the research area. Please also feel free to provide more detail about your research and what you are doing.
Please be sure you complete the UQ Medical Student Volunteering Experience (Research) form prior to commencing your volunteer experience AND be familiar with The Essential Guide to Work Health and Safety for Volunteers.