Thank you very much for your interest in our study!

Study Purpose
Many people with migraine also suffer neck pain. UQ Researchers want to understand neck function in people with migraine to better inform future migraine management. And to do this we need to compare them to people without migraine.

We seek volunteers to participate in our study, who:

  • Suffer neck pain, but do not have migraine (males and females, age 18-65 years)
  • Do not have headaches, and no neck pain (females age 40-60 years old)
  • Suffer migraine, with or without neck pain (males and females, age 18-65)
We need to ask you a few questions about your health to ensure that this study is suitable for you. After completing the following questions in this survey, and if you are eligible for the study, you will be invited for a single session of clinical tests at UQ St Lucia. Tests are those which physiotherapists use and will include measures of neck movement, muscle function, neck co-ordination and balance system. The testing session will take approximately 2 hours. 
You will have an understanding of your neck function by volunteering in this study.
For more information about the study, please go to:
If you are uncertain about any questions in the next few pages, or have any queries about the study, please contact Jo Minto:; Mobile: 0479 152 453 

If you do not have migraine, please answer questions using the link below:

If you have migraine, please complete the questions in the following pages, it will take about 10-15mins, depending on the complexity of your condition. 

All information provided by you will be kept confidential and de-identified if used for research.