Application for Residential Vacation Accommodation

Residents have 3 options for room occupation:

  • Package 1 = 32 academic weeks (accommodation & meals);

  • Package 2 = 34 academic weeks accommodation & 32 weeks meals;

  • Package 3 = 34 academic weeks (accommodation & meals)

If you are on Package 1 please complete this application for all vacation periods.

If you are on Package 2 please complete this application for all vacation periods, however, you will be charged for meals during the two mid-semester breaks ONLY.

If you are on Package 3 please ONLY complete this application for the mid-year break.

For your information the three vacation periods for 2019 are:

  • 19 April to 27 April (Residents on Package 1 or Package 2 must apply)
  • 22 June to 20 July (All residents apply)
  • 28 September to 7 October (Residents on Package 1 or Package 2 must apply)

Should you require a room during this time, a fee of $26 per night for accommodation and $24 for 3 meals a day will be charged to your standard Halls account.

To ensure you are provided a room, please complete the Vacation Residence Form below and submit two weeks prior to the commencement of each vacation period.

Any forms submitted after the advised deadline will incur a $22 late fee.
*Hall Name:
I wish to apply for permission to occupy residential accommodation during the following dates of the forthcoming vacation period.
*My reason for completing an application for vacation accommodation is:
*Residents should not assume that it will be possible for them to continue to occupy their current room during any vacation period.
Reallocation of accommodation may be necessary in view of guest occupancy and will be made at the discretion of the Head or nominee.