Please complete this form to request evaluation of your calculator for use in examinations.

If we are unable to verify the information from this form, we will ask you to make an appointment so that your calculator can be evaluated for addition to the approved list. You would need to bring your calculator and documentation (e.g. user manual) to such an appointment.

If your calculator has any non-allowed features, you can also use this form to have your calculator added to the list of non-approved calculators.

In order to guarantee consideration for end of semester exams you should submit this application
  • by May 15 for semester 1
  • by October 15 for semester 2

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Complete the following details of the calculator you wish to have evaluated
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Enter the full calculator model number exactly as shown on the calculator:
Provide information on your calculator that will help the evaluation. In particular, you should, if possible, provide links (URLs) to calculator images and calculator documentation hosted on official websites (e.g. manufacturer or reputable retailer websites). A calculator will not be able to be approved without appropriate documentation.