School of Languages and Cultures
Masterclass Series with Professor Jef Verschueren: Discourse Analysis and Ideology 
Venue: Room 601 (Session 1 and Data Session), Room 502 (Session 2) Advanced Engineering Building (#49)

Session 1) Friday 16 March, 10am - 12pm 

In Session 1, a thorough theoretical introduction will be given to (i) situating the notions ideology and the public sphere, (ii) explaining the relevance of language in this context, and (iii) exploring the possibilities for analysis offered by a theory of linguistic pragmatics. The usefulness of taking a contrastive pragmatics perspective will be focused on.

Data Session) Tuesday 20 March, 2pm - 3:30pm 
This data session provides staff and HDR students with an opportunity to have their own datasets analysed from a pragmatic perspective. If you are interested, please send through a sample of your data to Val ( at least one day before the session. Alternatively, you can bring your data directly to the session, however please ensure that you bring along 20 copies to share with other session participants.

Session 2) Thursday 22 March, 1pm - 3pm 

Session 2 will present an outline of pragmatics-inspired methodological principles for discourse-based ideology research. These will be thoroughly illustrated with reference to a televised news interview. The session will be concluded with a discussion of the relevance of the approach to other types of discourse in the public sphere.

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*Please note: Session 1 and Session 2 are now at maximum capacity. There are still spots available in the data session on Tuesday 20 March. If you have missed out, please email to register your interest in case of cancellations.