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What are the key achievements since your last progress report submission against the timeline and project description?
What are the key dissemination activities since your last progress report submission?
Have there been any changes and benefits already evident in teaching and learning since your last progress report?
What is your estimation of how far the project has progressed - 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%?
Provide an overview of spending to date - of the funding awarded how much has been spent - indicative figure is fine.
Are there issues/changes since your last progress report submission that have impacted or may impact on capability and capacity to deliver on the project? If you require an extension to the end date of your project, please mention the reasons why and proposed new end date here.
Have there been any changes to the activities/methods you will be using to evaluate the effectiveness of your project? - reference groups, internal/external evaluation, student focus groups, etc.
What is the next stage of your project - what events are planned - do you need assistance from ITaLI or ITS?
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