*Participant Information Sheet

PROJECT TITLE: Mapping healthcare needs of veterans

Megan Ross (PhD Candidate)
Dr Jenny Setchell (Research Fellow)
The University of Queensland, St Lucia, Brisbane
Tim Gallagher (CEO Vanguard Health)

The purpose of this study is to gain an understanding of how Australian veterans experience health care, with the ultimate intention of highlighting the barriers and challenges faced when navigating the health care system.

Your participation in this study is entirely voluntary and you are free to withdraw at any time without prejudice or penalty. If you wish to withdraw, simply stop completing or exit the questionnaire. After you provide consent, responses you enter prior to withdrawing may be retained and analysed. If you wish to exit the survey before submission, when you return you will need to start from the beginning again.

You will be asked to anonymously complete an online questionnaire (approximately 30 minutes in duration). The questionnaire consists of four sections: 1) an information sheet, 2) questions to determine if you are eligible for the study, 3) some basic questions about you, and 4) the main questionnaire. The main questionnaire will ask about your experiences with the health care system in Australia. The questionnaire will also ask if you have any recommendations for improving health care for Australian veterans.

Participation in this study should involve little or no physical or mental discomfort, and no risks beyond those of everyday living. If however, you should find any question to be invasive or offensive, you are free to omit answering or participating in that aspect of the study. If you should feel emotionally uncomfortable beyond a level you can easily cope with on your own, you can contact:

Open Arms: veteran and families counselling on 1800 011 046
Lifeline: by phone for crisis or suicide support on 13 11 14

Your participation in this study will provide us with a greater understanding of issues specific to the veteran community with regard accessing and participating in health care services. We intend to use your responses to identify possible strategies to improve health care delivery for Australian veterans, and you are able to contact Vanguard Health (contact details below) for a copy of the final report

The anonymity of your participation is assured by our procedure. All data collected in this study will be stored confidentially. Only members of the research team will have access to data. All data will be coded in a de-identified manner and subsequently analysed and reported in such a way that responses will not be able to be linked to any individual. The data you provide will only be used for the specific research purposes of this study. Upon completion of the survey, we will ask you if you would like to participate in an additional interview study. If you decide to opt-in to this, we will ask you for your best contact detail, which will not be stored with your survey data.
Your answers will be completely confidential and any personal details, which may identify you in any way, will not be passed to the Department of Veterans' Affairs. Your answers will not in any way affect any current or future pension, benefits or health services entitlements from DVA.

This study adheres to the Guidelines of the ethical review process of The University of Queensland and The Department of Defence and Veterans Affairs (DDVA) Human Research Ethics Committees (HRECs) and the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research. Whilst you are free to discuss your participation in this study with project staff (contact details provided below), if you would like to speak to an officer of the University or DDVA HREC not involved in the study, you may contact the UQ Ethics Coordinator on 3365 3924, or email humanethics@research.uq.edu.au or DDVA HREC Executive Officer on (02) 6266 3807 or ddva.hrec@defence.gov.au.

Megan Ross (megan.ross@uqconnect.edu.au) is a PhD Candidate in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Queensland
Dr Jenny Setchell (j.setchell@uq.edu.au) is a Research Fellow in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences at the University of Queensland
Tim Gallagher (tim@vanguardhealth.com.au) is the CEO of Vanguard Health

Thank you for participating in this study.

Please confirm:

  • I have had explained to me the aims of this research project, how it will be conducted and my role in it.
  • I understand:
    • The risks involved as described in the participant information sheet
    • There is no obligation to take part in this study
    • If I choose not to participate there will be no detriment to my future health care
    • I am free to withdraw at any time with no detriment to my future health care
  • I am cooperating in this project on condition that:
    • The information I provide will be kept confidential
    • The information will be used only for this project
    • The research results will be made available to me at my request and any published reports of this study will preserve my anonymity
And select one option below to complete the questionnaire: