Institute of Continuing and TESOL Education
Conversation Volunteers

International students seek opportunities to practice their English speaking and listening skills and often wish to have opportunities to talk with Australians but may feel they do not have the language skills, confidence or environment to interact socially. Conversation volunteers have an opportunity to help international students feel supported and encouraged with their language skills while they also learn about Australians and their lifestyle.

Support is provided for volunteers and students. Ultimately the sessions are designed to be fun and interactive. We welcome you to join us!

This program is registered as part of the UQ Employability Advantage Awards.

ICTE Conversation Club 
Conversation Volunteers support the ICTE Conversation Club which takes place in the Sir Llew Edwards Building (Bldg 14) at UQ from 11:00am - 12:00pm and/or 1:30pm – 2:30pm on Thursdays. There are a range of questions and topics prepared for discussion during the sessions.  Additional activities may take place on adhoc days throughout the year including Aussie Slang Workshops and Interview Skills.

Conversation Volunteers can also support 'Vygo,' an online platform where you can connect and support ICTE Students at a time convenient to you.  You can talk with ICTE Students online or arrange to meet at a mutually convenient time to practice English conversations.

Volunteers must have strong English language skills (i.e. be able to speak English without errors) and be 18 years or over.

By participating in these sessions, volunteers have an opportunity to;
- gain experience towards the UQ Employability Advantage Awards;
- help support new students and develop their confidence
- learn more about other cultures while developing awareness of their own culture;
- increase awareness of how to effectively communicate when there is a barrier to communication;
- encourage and support members within small groups;
- have experience to add to your CV and

- make lasting friendships and have fun.

If you are interested in volunteering for the ICTE conversation sessions, please complete your information below.